Skijoring – What the heck?

Skiing is one of those magical things we do in Minnesota. Once we are past July, winter could start any day. (Joke) But seriously, I love to be outdoors and I also like to keep my dog fit. Skiing and Dogs have been around for 1000’s of years. Think of the dog sleds and the Arctic. In more recent times humans have decided to strap themselves directly to their dogs and have the dog pull them on skies. The practice is called Skijoring. First, it was reindeer then horses and cows. The real fun is with your dog who you can train to go left (Haw) and Right (Gee). Of course, you need them to go forward and to stop!

I keep our dog fit by running with her in the summer and then skiing in the winter. When she was younger she could do a 4 minute mile for 4 miles but now we are a bit slower. (7 minute miles). There is a gentle dug on the line and not a hard pull. It is really a fantastic experience. Sort of like battery assist on pedal bike.






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