Screws in your shoes

For years I have been running with cleats on my shoes and then YakTrax to keep my footing in the ice and snow. In all this time my friends were telling me about putting screws in my shoes and I have been happily ignoring them. My friend Shawn Wolk recently reminded me that he had been telling me about this for years. Finally, I decided to go to the hardware store and buy some screws. A couple of videos later I had my new screws in my old(er) shoes.

I am happy to say that after 4 days of running I am really liking the extra traction. I am also not having foot pain from the YakTrax on my feet. I am even able to run on a mixed surface where last year this surface completely ruined my YakTrax.

UPDATE: There are surfaces where the YakTrax does much better, especially graze ice. The screws just don’t get the bite that the YakTrax provides.

Video coming soon!







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