The importance of a running group

I started running 10 years ago with my wife Susan and we mainly ran on our own. We were training for Grandmas Marathon in 2011 and tried some groups but mainly just did our own thing. At the time I didn’t know it, but it became evident that running with other people helps you run better.

In 2014 Susan qualified for the Boston Marathon and we joined the Lifetime Saint Louis Park Run Club. At the time they had a 16 week program for $26 that let you run with the club, have access to the club 3 days a week, we got a marathon plan and a group running coach. I had signed up for the Boston Marathon through the Liver Foundation and started training with Susan and the entire group. I attribute this to my success in the Boston Marathon and at the time it was one of my two fastest marathons!

As we traveled throughout the world we discovered run groups everywhere! We joined the Ahmedabad Long Distance Running Club and run with the group when we are in India. I ran the Mumbai marathon in 2020 and someone from the club was able to get my race bib, then meet me in the morning before the race.

(My journey to this race is another story all together)

We also have fostered a great running community around the Magento Software Platform. We have organized a race in Nevada since 2012 called the Big Dam Run. The community in Magento has been such a great way to meet people and at every event we end up doing a group run.

The bottom line; running with a group helps you to forget miles and get a run in. It also helps you to be social 🙂







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