Your Last Long Run

My last long run of the season or my last long run of the year? When is it time to take a break and not do anymore long runs?

Seven weeks ago, I developed a calf injury. I figured I could ease back and heal it while I ran. I got it from adding volume and intensity to my workouts. I just become too overzealous in my running, and my leg got increasingly worse as time progressed.

On Friday, I was planning on my last long run before my next marathon. The pain makes me lose all my motivation, and I had to ask myself, “what am I doing”? When I first started my run, I realized that I was limping badly, and it took me three miles just to run. By the time I got to nine miles, I was having a sore right quad and a sore left calf, which is just making things feel worse

So I’m going to stop. Not stop altogether, but concentrate on biking and swimming and doing short runs no more than six miles for a couple of weeks to see how the healing goes.






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