Hot or Cold

Do you prefer to run in the hot or cold? For the longest time, I always preferred colder weather. My body works much less when running in the cold, and it is physically easier for me to run.

My PR’s

My marathon PR and my half marathon PR have all come in races that started in temperatures below freezing. This is the best way that I know I can start. Even some of my marathons that I failed at the end started with a cool start.

There is a coloration between heat and time that also factors in. For example, my 5k PR was in the heat of summer, but I know my body never had a chance to start to over heat.

My fails

In the case of Honolulu, I also felt nauseous, which could be from lack of food, eat or even slight dehydration. I would start feeling sick, then start walking. Soon I would start feeling better, and I would run again. It was a cycle that lasted until the end of the race.

My worst marathon by far was the 2018 Honolulu marathon, which started warm and humid and ended hot and humid. As I ran, it only got hotter, and at some point, I mentally fail and give up.

Break through?

In 2019 I started experimenting with taking some nutrition and fluid 45 minutes before starting my race. I first tested the theory at the London Marathon, and I felt great from the start of the race to the finish. (It was also very cool during the race)

Summer in Minnesota

Summers in Minnesota are hot and muggy. We can start having sweltering weather in May and will last into September. One would think that I would get acclimated to the heat after all this time.


Maybe it was the tropical weather, but the month I spent in Hawaii had to be a small breakthrough. I started running in the heat and humidity, and soon I started feeling good in the heat. This is not to say I would prefer it, and I did get tired quicker, but I can say I made progress.


Maybe it’s the fact that every year my body goes from subzero to the boiling point, and I acclimate. I have never thought about scientifically trying to mention this. What I think I should do is live in Hawaii for a year and see if I get better at hunting in the heat.







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