G is for Get off the road!

I have only been yelled at a couple of times. One memorable time was the following:

The Guthrie loop on Kenwood Parkway

It’s true, we have snow in Minnesota, and oftentimes the sidewalks in Minneapolis are not that great to run on. It’s also true that on the Guthrie loop, we rarely run on the sidewalks even when we can. (See Running and Falling post). The ironic part of the place I got yelled at is the road is vast, and a walker/runner would not be in anyone’s way.

Kenwood Parkway heading south

We run as a group, and along this stretch, we run in a single file line. So as a car passed us and said, “Get the F*** off the road,” it is registered as being a little absurd and uncalled for. The lesson, of course, is that the runner always loses when it comes to a car, but people are allowed on the road, even if there is a sidewalk.

No matter what your shape, weight, or height, chafing and running go together. I was inspired to write this and all my other A-Z posts by Mark Remy who wrote the book “C is for Chafing“. I am a big fan of satire and I love all of Mark’s writing on his blog. Part of my journey is to describe how my faith journey and my running journey have come together. (And always have been together.) More importantly, how people around me have helped, supported, and inspired me during my running journey.






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