F is for Fartlek or…

I already have a Fartlek post which you can find here. So what is F for? I am going to say F is for F*** yea when you get your PR at an end of a race.

I haven’t had many times that I say this and for me I am going to say it only applies to a marathon. My first long race was the Twin Cities 10 miles in 2001. I had never run that far I think the race took me about 7 hours to complete (Probably finished faster but it feels like it to that long). I ran so slow that walkers pasted me at the end. When I finished that race I didn’t say F*** yea, I cried. Yes I cried.

My first marathon was in 2011 and again I finished and I didn’t say F*** yea and I didn’t cry. I was just F**ing happy to finish and never do a marathon again.

My next marathon, which was the 2014 Grandmas Marathon, I managed to shave nearly 1 hour off my time and I broke 4 hours. At the end of that race I said F** YEA!

I went on to run 18 more marathons and I think I said F*** yea just 2 more times. Why? I think the reason is my internal expectation and whatever I decided to set for the race. If my expectation was that I would like to finish in 4 hours and I finish in 4:30 then I would not say F*** yea.

I realized that the only reason I say F*** yea at the end is that I exceeded my own expectations.






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