Honolulu Marathon Race Report

This is my second time running the Honolulu Marathon. The first time I finished in 4:59 and by A Goal on this round was sub 4:20. I have been training in the heat for the last six weeks, and I felt ready for this race. I even had a successful 24-mile run where I started at 5 am so why couldn’t I do better?

This is a big race, and it was crowded in the beginning. There are lots of walkers on the course, so lots of dodging around people for the first 6 miles. I felt super awesome all the way through 15 miles. The wind was blowing, and it felt nice and cool, and once we got out of downtown, we hugged the ocean. Even the climb up Diamond head was nice (And still very dark out)

At mile 15ish, you turn left into a neighborhood with a marina in the middle. The course climbs around the marine and is protected from any wind. I slogged through the 5k loop and back onto the endless highway towards the finish. Susan had fallen back at some point, but now as I slowed towards mile 20, she caught me, and we ran together. At mile 20, my wheels FELL OFF. I remember in my head. My wheels have just fallen off. To make it worse, Siri was not cooperating, and every time I said “Siri take photo,” it wanted to text someone named Tip Hoto? I can’t use my phone when it’s wet, so I was stuck trying to negotiate with Siri to simply take a picture. I was successful a couple of times and managed to get a few shots. However, “Siri take Selfie” never worked, and I hope I didn’t text that expletive Tim Sefly.

I was encouraged as I slowly climbed up to Diamond Head towards the finish that I didn’t feel ill. I only felt fatigued. My new goal was to finish so I could eat and eat and eat. That all changed in my last 5k, and I said in my head, “I don’t care if I walk the rest of the race” Of course, lots of mental negotiations had to happen and calculations to make sure I didn’t finish slower than last time. At 24.56, I felt like I was going to barf. I slowed, drank more water. Nothing seemed to work. I didn’t feel like I was overheating. I just felt sick. I crossed the 25-mile mark, which was all downhill. I had to keep walking. UGG!!

Finally, I made it to the home stretch. I could see the finish line in the distance. I walked and even said I don’t care if I walk across the line today. I was reminded of the song “Hotel California” for some reason, and the finish line was some elusive exit to my current suffering. OMG, is the finish line ever going to get here?

The doc gave me the green light and said my electrolytes were out of balance. They used more words you hear in Grey’s Anatomy and Chicago Med. The upshot, I need to make sure I am taking electrolytes when I guzzle water and sweat for nearly 5 hours.

Susan and I made a silent pact never to run this race again.

Update: I just got an email for the Maui Ocean Front Marathon. Did you know it’s the only race that you can see whales while you run? I am thinking of signing up.







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