Nitro Cold Brew for Warm Running

This post really has nothing to do with running or being warm. I do love Nitro Cold Brew and a year ago I set out to do my own home nitro setup. In the past I have had CO2 setup with fizzy water. I had a 3 gallon keg and a 10lb CO2 tank. I thought I could maybe just reuse all my equipment nitro requires different regulators so I thought I would start with something simple.

First: I have the Toddy Cold Brew System. It’s a straight forward setup with a nice brewing container that you can leave in the fridge overnight and a glass pitcher. Here is my simple recipe

12 oz of coarsely ground coffee
7 oz of cold water

(I wrote it on my container in sharpie). The container has a small filter and a plug at the bottom. The kick came with some large bags that you can brew your coffee in but the small filter works just as good. I leave this in the fridge for 12 hours then let it drip into the pitcher.

If you like your coffee super strong you can leave it as it is. The nitro will add some sweetness to the coffee. The recipe call for an additional 5 oz of water. I add about 3 oz before I keg it.

The next step is to keg it and add nitro. For my kegging system I bought the Royal Brew Nitro sytem. Then I bought a 12 pack of whipped cream nitro canisters.

It’s really that simple!







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