Saint Paul Hills

This is a great hill training route that was suggested by Meghan Peyton for it’s substanial downhill.

START: The EAST corner of Montreal Ave. and Snelling Ave. S. Run east on Montreal Ave. (down the hill – there is a nice bike lane/shoulder that I usually run in)
Turn Right on Edgcumbe Rd., you will be heading south and west at this point. (You will follow Edgcume for quite a while – it climbs a good hill and then goes down a long hill. You will cross Snelling again, watch for cars at this spot)
Turn Right on Fairview Ave. (headed north)
Turn Right on Yorkshire Ave. (headed east)
Turn Left on S. Davern St. (headed north)
Turn Right on Montreal Ave (headed east) (there is a sidewalk at this point)
FINISH: The WEST corner of Montreal Ave. and Snelling Ave. S. 







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