Coon Rapids Dam Loop

The Coon Rapids Dam / Mississippi River Parkway run is a beautiful, fairly flat run that can be varied in length. The example here is a 12-mile run starting at the north side of the 694 and Mississippi bridge. You can park here. You can increase your distance by starting at the North Mississippi Regional Park. You can make it longer or shorter from here. We have completed a 20 mile run by running back into Weber Park then onto the Dam. There are lots of choices. It is difficult to find parking between the Park and the start point of this run so I have chosen this as a good example. The image below will also link to the run on Strava.

Run north on north on Willow Lane to West River Parkway. Follow the parkway to Mississippi Gateway Regional Park. You will find water and bathrooms here. This is a 5.5-mile segment. Go across the dam to the east side of the river then follow the path south. (Don’t forget to take a selfie on the dam as you go across).

Follow the path south to the 610 bridge. Cross the Mississippi and leave the bridge back to West River Parkway. You can then return back to you car from here! It’s a great early morning route to do in the summer.

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