Running and Lent

Why Lent, you ask? Let me give you a little faith background. I grew up a Methodist and went to church with my family every week. The liturgical calendar really played little or no part in my upbringing. Even with my GrandFather being a Prespertyian minister, we never spoke of such things as Lent. It wasn’t until I met my wife Susan and “Converted” to Lutheranism that I learned about Lent and what this means as a Christan.

What Lent means to me

The traditional thing I have heard about Lent has always been giving something up. About 10 years ago, I decided to practice Lent by giving something up (Usually Beer) and doing something that helps me get closer to God. I would journal or read a theologian every morning or something to help strengthen my spiritual life. For me, the key is that I do something that will strengthen my relationship with God, not just give something up for the sake of giving something up!

Why Running?

Running has to lead me down so many paths that I can’t even hope to start listing here. Running has helped me to conquer my inner fears through the marathon. It has helped me become more social through running groups, and it has helped me find some meaning in my life through volunteer work. It has also strengthened my marriage as my wife, and I love to travel and run races. I have put a lot of thought into what I want to do for Lent this year, and I have prayed about what God wants me to do. And the answer? Write about my relationship with people and running! Ok, to be honest, I did not hear this in a clear voice in my head that said, “BRENT GO FORTH AND WRITE AND RUN,” but I believe that the spirit guides you and not to get too sappy here. I believe that God helps and guides your life when you ask for help. Sometimes He even nudges you when you don’t know you need help.

The next 40 days

My goal from now to Easter is to have 40 posts about something positive for running and people. I plan on using some quotes from Mark Remy (The DumbRunner), and I am also looking for inspiration from others. Please send me ideas!






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