Lame start to my Lenten posts

Lame Excuses

A short update on my non-posting for a couple of weeks. My Lenten goal was to post once a day, and I think I did that until about March 3rd (Pretty darn lame). I soon left for the Big Island of Hawaii for a family vacation (More lame excuses!).

I know this is not a requirement that I do any of this, but there is a commitment to this and some degree of accountability. My one Lenten bright spot is that I continue to listen to the Daily Audio Bible every day, and I was struck by the message on March 17th that I should slow down, be quiet and listen. So, as I write this 3 days later, I can tell you that God definitely wants me to keep writing posts, but I think the one thing I missed was that I should be writing about someone else who has helped me.

Selfless and Ego

The other thing that stuck out was something Susan said about EGO. I can’t give of yourself and have a big ego. I know I have an ego, and this gets in the way of me giving of myself. Being selfless and having an Ego are two opposing forces that, for me, tug against each other.

So may be the silver lining in this is that I listened for once.

Still running

I spent 2 weeks on the Big Island of Hawaii continuing to run every day. I continue to learn and grow in running and find more of myself and how the solitude of running alone can strengthen my spiritual life. I also find every day that I really know very little about running and depending on people to help me is the biggest benefit I can get from running.







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