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  • Coach / Pacer Bio

    Coach / Pacer Bio

    Background I am a lifelong runner and have found a love for both running and coaching. During 5ks, I always like to talk about when someone is going to sign up for the marathon. During the marathon, I always find out when they are going to sign up for a 50k. (I think you see […]

  • How to do your own home workouts

    Coop Mitchell is the founder and owner of Garage Gym Reviews, where he identifies the best fitness equipment and helps people build gyms in their own homes. In this guide, he helps fitness enthusiasts identify their fitness goals and build a workout plan around them. You can check out the article on his site here. Hey, everyone—Coop […]

  • Important Coaching Names

    Percy Cerutty (Middle Distance Running) Bill Bowerman (Jogging) Arthur Lydiard (Running to the top) Bob Martin Peter Coe (Runner Program) Jack Danials Jeff Galloway (Run/Walk!) Roy Benson (Heart Rate Training) Tim Noakes (Lore of running) Pete Pfitzinger (Advanced Marathoning) Scott Douglas (Running books) Gordon Bakoulis (Coaching Team – New York Road Runners) Greg McMillian […]

  • RRCA Coaching!

    I am very excited to announce that I have passed my Road Runners Club of America Level 1 coaching certificate and passed my CPR/First Aid exam which now makes me an official RRCA Coach. This marks a new chapter in my life and I plan on working with runner on coaching. I’ll use this website […]

  • Confessions of an idiot runner

    Every year I think I am a better runner and every year I think I know “a lot” about running. I have even started coaching now and sometimes offering advice or feedback to people. What I learn about my own self every day is that I really don’t know much about anything and that I […]